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A natural Gene Activator. Basic-Primary-Foundational supplement, ideal for the Health Enthusiast and those who need healing. For improved stronger health and immune system. Achieve healthy blood-sugar and blood-cholesterol levels with a strong cardiovascular system. Effective for use by persons with Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, and Immune Deficiencies.


This readily digestible alkaline micro-algae formula is a natural WHOLE SUPERFOOD, everything the body needs for a strong foundation for good health.


GENE ACTIVATOR and CELL FOOD. (clinically proven in published Medical Journals)

SimplyNature’s unique micro-algae contains natural gene activators PPARs agonists.  Our SimplyNature PPARs Tablets will activate the genes that modulate the following 4 pathways and functions in your body.

  • Immune System Response Pathway - Activate your immune system.  More than supporting your immune system with Vitamin C, D, E (which PPARs Plus contains!), PPARs Plus activates the immune system.  If Vitamin C is the petrol of your immune system, PPARs is the ignition-key of your immune system.  Key for fighting Cancer!

  • Inflammatory Response Pathway - Reduce inflammation in your body.  Inflammation is the root cause of almost every chronic disease from cardiovascular to cancer, even brain disorders.  PPARs Plus activate the pathways that control inflammation.  This is MORE than an anti-inflammation supplement, it activates your body’s mechanism to manage inflammation. Key for Cancer, Heart diseases, even Brain disorders.

  • Metabolic Pathway - Improve your metabolic functions, feel more energetic.  This means better blood-sugar balance, it means better conversion of the food you eat, healthier cholesterol levels, even weight management. Key for Blood-sugar and Blood-cholesterol management.

  • Cellular Differentiation - Ensure the proper development and duplication of your cells.  Great for cancer prevention and just overall healthy organs!  Healthy organs mean a healthy body!


Our SimplyNature PPARs Tablets are rich in cellular nutrition. Rich in RNA and natural nucleic acids, rich in C.G.F for cellular function and growth.   Healthy cells > Healthy Organs > Overall Good Health!


PLANTBASED WHOLE SUPERFOOD - suitable for all ages from infants to elderly.

Being 60% plant protein, complete Amino Acid Profile (rare in plant-based supplements), containing all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs, naturally!  It is the best complete natural whole-body nutrition supplement.


Rich in chlorophyll for detox, with fiber content.


It even contains Vitamin B12 which vegetarians lack.


This is the First foundational supplement you should take. 


Completely natural and botanical, it is safe and easily absorbed by the human body. The First Choice for those looking for the All-in-One natural supplement!

SimplyNature PPARs Tablets

$45.00 Regular Price
$36.50Sale Price
  • For Health Enthusiast, Persons with Diabetes, Cancer, and Cardiovascular Diseases. Gene Activator. Immunity booster. Blood-Sugar Management.  Blood-Cholesterol Management. Complete source of nutrients. Plant-based WholeFood. Rich in Antioxidants. Contains natural PPARs agonist. Proprietary Strain of Mircro-Algae.

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