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Concentrated Gene-Activators and Cellular Nutrition. Ideal for cellular rejuvenation, healing and recovery from illnesses. Effective for use by persons with Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular, and Immune Deficiencies including Eczema/Psoriasis. 


SimplyNature PPARs Tablets and SimplyNature PPARs Plus Tablets are Foundational Supplements with Complete nutritional profiles; SimplyNature PPARS Softgel Extract is developed SPECIFICALLY to TARGET GENE-ACTIVATION and CELLULAR NUTRITION.  


One SINGLE SOFTGEL Capsule is equivalent to more than thirty-five (35) SimplyNature PPARs tablets worth of PPARs agonist and cellular nutrition.


Basic protection against the side-effects of Chemotherapy.


Address the ROOT cause of Eczema/Psoriasis by restoring the body’s normal  immune system response.  Reduce the inflammation associated with Eczema/Psoriasis, including joint pains.


SimplyNature PPARs SoftGel Extract is a concentration of natural PPARS Agonist in combination with DNA, RNA, C.G.F, and unique phytonutrients from our proprietary micro-algae. Extracted to specifically activate the four important pathways controlling.

  • Immune System Response Pathway - For activation and stimulation of the immune system. Work to increase dendritic cell activity to identify viruses/bacteria/cellular threats so that the immune system will target it for elimination.  Especially effective for fighting Cancer.

  • Inflammatory Response Pathway - Effective modulation of inflammation in the body.  Important for fighting pain related issues, as well as restricting tumor growth. Inflammation is the root cause of most modern day diseases.

  • Metabolic Pathway - Effective action to quickly regulate metabolic functions such as blood-sugar and blood-cholesterol levels.  An important factor in recovery from illness.

  • Cellular Differentiation - Effective cellular rejuvenation and healthy growth. Important for Cancer recovery and prevention.


COMBINE SimplyNature PPARs Softgel Extract with SimplyNature PPARs Tablets. SUPPORT your activated pathways with the complete nutrition from SimplyNature PPARs or SimplyNature PPARs Plus Tablets.

SimplyNature PPARs Softgel Capsule

$85.00 Regular Price
$68.00Sale Price
  • For Persons with Cancer, Immune Deficiencies, Diabetics, and Cardiovascular diseases. Gene Activator. Concentrated Natural PPARs agonist. Rich in Cellular Nutrition including DNA,RNA, and C.G.F. Immunity booster. Blood-Sugar Management.  Blood-Cholesterol Management. Eczema management. Psoriasis Management.

    1 Blister pack contain 10capsule SimplyNature PPARs Softgel 

  • 1 capsule, 1-2 times a day.

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