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10 SimplyNature PPARs Tablets

2 times a day, 

1 hour before food.


Take SimplyNature Cleansing Plus

1 sachet a day

Before bedtime

Kick Start Program

$138.00 Regular Price
$108.00Sale Price
  • SimplyNature PPARs Tablets

    Contains rich nutrition for the human body, amazingly its Natural components and nutrition ratio is ideal for the specific demand of our body. Because it is a completely natural, botanical and organic source, it is safe and easily absorbed by the human body. It is not only a complete food source for the body, it is also a natural healing food for our body! Best Immunity booster. Must Try!Amazing Benefits:- Cellular Activation- CGF providing abundant energy for your cells.- Boosting the Immune System- Phycocyanin: Anti-Viral, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Oxidation.- Blood purification and anti-toxic effect from abundant chlorophyll content (almost 100 times more than normal vegetables)- Anti-aging effects through conversion of the human body from acidic to alkaline.- Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases through nutrition.- Managing blood cholesterol.- Managing blood sugar.

    Cleansing Plus 

    We have very little or no fibre intake nowsaday! SimplyNature Cleansing Plus that come handy to your daily diet.  4 in 1 functional drink that comprises of soluble fibre, insoluble fibre, pro-biotic and pre-biotic.

  • Please note that as our products are often used for medical purposes, we do not repurpose our products.  As such we do not have a return/refund policy for our consumable products.  In order to assure the conditions and quality of our products, all products sold are shipped directly from us,  and have not been shipped to other customers before. 


    All products sold are considered final and not eligible for refund.  They are however eligible for replacement if they are not delivered in good condition.

    Replacement of received damaged products applies for items within 3 working days of receipt of delivery. Original receipt/ invoice must be provided. Products must be in original condition with original packaging. Items will still be evaluated on receipt for eligibility for replacement. Shipping fee incurred both ways (shipped out and returned shipping fee) will be charged to the buyer. Requests and assessment for replacement can be made by emailing us at prior to sending the damaged item back to us.

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