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​30days Supply Softgel and Cleanze


1) 1 SimplyNature PPARs Softgel Capsule 1 hour before food.

2) Take Cleanze 1 sachet a day 1 hour Before bedtime


Best to consume for 3 mth for best result. 

Diabetes Serious Stage

  • PPARs Extract Softgel Capsule is naturally extracted from Micro Algae. PPARs Soft Capsules can be consumed every day or sometimes just by people in good health who do not have any health problem. PPARs Soft Capsules has proven to be very instrumental in helping the healing process of chronic diseases.

    -help lowering blood triglycerid, help lowering low density Lipoprotein Cholestrol.
    -help blood sugar regulation for Diabetic.
    -enhance immunity cell proliferator capability
    -enhance macrophage cell activity,
    -enhance Nature Killer cell activity,
    -enhance IFN-y cytokine secretion

    The 3 isoforms of alpha, beta and gamma can potentially help lipid metabolism, glucose homeostasis, anti-inflammation, immunoregulation and cell differentiation (cancer).

    It has shown major breakthrough to treat metabolism syndrome (diabetes mellitus, obesity, hyper-chloesterolemia and hypertension) and improve control of cardiovascular diseases like stroke and myocardial infarction.



    We have very little or no fibre intake nowsaday! I am SimplyNature Cleanze that come handy to your daily diet. I am tasty 4 in 1 functional drink that comprises of soluble fibre, insoluble fibre, pro-biotic and pre-biotic. Must Try me!

    Regulate healthy bowel movement
    Improve health of skin
    Increanse overall energy level
    Healthy weight loss
    Reduce Bad Breath
    Regulate PMS

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