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Wondering How to Take PPARs Extract Powder from Simply Nature?

Updated: May 4, 2020

You must have heard of PPARs extract powder through one of your friends or relatives. In this post we will share about what is PPARs, and the extract powder benefits as well as how to consume it.

What is PPARs?

The Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors (PPARs) are the most promising biomedical molecules in today’s era. In the molecular biology field, the PPARs are a group of nuclear receptor proteins which work as the transcription factors to regulate the expression of genes. The PPARs act on DNA response elements with the nuclear retinoic acid receptor.

To make it simple, the PPARs is a nutritional superfood with all the benefits of a vegetable, high in chlorophyll, rich in nucleic acids, CGFs and natural alkaline which plays a major regulatory role in energy homeostasis and metabolic function. This means that the PPARs will direct the exact amount of nutrients needed by your body to the exact tissues or organs, unifying the biological system, functions and processes. In other words, the PPARs ensure our immune system to perform at the optimum level all the time.

Technically, there are three isoforms or subtypes of PPARs: the PPARα, the PPARγ, and the PPARβ. The PPARα is present in the liver, heart and skeletal muscle. Activation of the PPARα is beneficial in lowering triglyceride level and is involved in regulation of energy homeostasis. The PPARβ which promote oxidation of fatty acids, ketone body synthesis and glucose sparing is present in many tissues but markedly in brain, adipose tissue and skin.

Whereas, the PPARγ which is ubiquitous, is expressed in virtually all tissues including heart, muscle, colon, kidney, pancreas and spleen. The PPARγ induces the differentiation of preadipocytes into adipocytes and stimulates triglyceride storage. The PPARs are hence highly favourable in regulating lipid and glucose metabolism, allowing adaptation to the prevailing nutritional environment, the homeostasis.

In short, the PPARs are beneficial and crucial for the body in fighting diseases and providing fuels and energy to the cells. With scientific studies and testimonials which shows the effectiveness of PPARs in combating metabolic syndromes, immunology ailments and cancers, PPARs is said to be the trend and the future of biomedical field.

Why consume Simply Nature PPARs?

The Simply Nature PPARs is coupled with rich cellular nutrition in the form of nucleic acids which supports the cells activated by the genes. The Simply Nature PPARs is a SUPPORT and a SOLUTION which supports the medical therapy as well as resolving the long term chronic diseases.

With clinical tests and medical proofs, the Simply Nature PPARs are having numerous benefits for the body, which included:

i. Rejuvenates cells and support the healing process of damaged body tissues, beneficial for anti-aging

ii. Beneficial in lowering blood triglyceride, hence lowering the density of Lipoprotein Cholesterol.

iii. Enhances blood sugar regulation for Diabetics.

iv. Enhances immunity cell proliferator capability

v. Increase energy at the cell level and enhance macrophage cell activity and Nature Killer cell activity

vi. Increase metabolism and body function which is crucial to treat diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension.

Who will Benefit from Simply Nature PPARs?

i. Cancer Patients

ii. Patients with Metabolism Syndrome: Diabetic, Kidney Failure, Obesity

iii. Patients with Cardiovascular Issue

iv. Patients with immunodeficiency like psoriasis and eczema

v. Healthy Person for anti-aging, anti-cancer and immune boosting

Yes, my friends, you did not see it wrongly. The Simply Nature PPARs is suitable for the patients but as the same time for a healthy man who would like to combat aging, cancer and to boost immune system. In fact, the Simply Nature PPARs series is pretty suitable for those with hectic tight schedule to maintain their healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits to even to go for facial!

Ingredients of Simply Nature PPARs

Since the PPARs is having such enormous benefits for the health, especially in combating cancer cells. So, what are the ingredients of the PPARs? Are the ingredients natural? Are these ingredients which made up of PPARs harmful to our body? Is there any ingredient(s) that we need to take care of? Would there be any hidden damages?

Unlike a synthetic vitamin, pharmaceutical drug or medicinal herb, Simply Nature PPARs is made up of 100% natural plant-based whole food which are totally free from additives, binder, fillers and any artificial substances. And, Simply Nature PPPARs utilizes the proprietary Bio-Technology to extract PPARs Agonist, CGF, and Polyphenols. So, yes! Simply Nature PPARs series is a 100% plant-based supplement! Meaning that, Simply Nature PPARs is Vegan Free and of course Halal! Besides, since the Simply Nature PPARs is a combination of micro-algae from natural green plants & foods. Like most of the green plant foods, the Simply Nature PPARs do not have any particular contra-indications with drugs. The Simply Nature PPARs is beneficial for daily consumption.

Despite the micro-algae which contains up to 60% of plant protein, Simply Nature PPARs is packed with a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and fatty acids, proteins and phytonutrients comparing to any other nutrient source. Yea, you could say Simply Nature PPARs sounds like a “Superfood” which is fully “armed” by all the necessary “weapons” for the body.

In short, the Simply Nature PPARs is Vegan Free, HALAL, 100% Natural without additives and beneficial for daily consumption! So no worries at all!

There are 4 Consumable Forms for the Simply Nature PPARs

With the main objectives of meeting every consumers’ preference and needs and to ensure that Simply PPARs is easily released and absorbed by the body, Simply Nature PPARs is available in four different consumable forms: the tablet form, the extract powder, the liquid vials as well as soft gel capsule.

Although these different consumable forms of PPARs are delivering essentially the same nutrients, but the function of each consumable form might be different in terms of taste, absorption et cetera.

i. The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Liquid

The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Liquid is the most expensive product comparing to other Simply Nature PPARs Series products. But it is the most effective one as well. Worth every penny.

Each vial of Simply Nature PPARs Extract Liquid will hold the amount of potency as high as 1,000 tablets. In other words, taking a vial of Simply Nature PPARs Extract Liquid equals to 1,000 tablets of Simply Nature PPARs tablets and capsules. This PPARs Extract Liquid is meant for those who are in critical needs and for anti-aging purposes.

ii. The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Soft Gel Capsule

Comparing to tablets, soft gel capsules are more easily to swallow comparing to conventional tablets and convenient to take comparing to powder and liquid. From the perspective of taste, soft gel capsules have no taste or unpleasant odour, much better than other delivery formats like powder and liquid which might have smells or tastes of herbs.

Soft gel capsules are normally filled with nutritional solution or other abruption-enhancing media, meaning that soft gel capsules in fact are beneficial in enhancing the bioavailability of active ingredients. Consumers are expected to experience a faster disintegration and nutrient delivery since soft gel capsules are encouraging the absorption process and the bioavailability of the PPARs.

Simply Nature PPARs Extract Soft Gel Capsules are suitable for consumers with immunodeficiency like psoriasis and eczema. As well for cancer patients who are at their stage of maintain their protocols.

iii. The Simply Nature PPARs Plus Tablets

Comparing to other consumable forms like powder or liquid, a tablet or pill is always more convenient and more potable. You do not need a spoon or scoop to serve your tablets comparing to powder and it is much easier to keep and more portable comparing to liquid. Hence, tablet or pill supplements are always a good consideration for those who would need to travel frequently.

The Simply Nature PPARs Plus Tablet contains almost 100 times more than normal vegetables of chlorophyll. Hence, it is beneficial for the blood purification and anti-toxic process of the body. More importantly, with the extra ingredient, the phycocyanin which is known for its anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidation benefits, the Simply Nature PPARs Plus Tablet is a great support to boost our immune system. The Simply Nature PPARs Plus Tablet is suitable for the frequent travellers who needs convenient but effective supplement for anti-cancer purpose and to boost the immune system.

iv. The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Powder

Comparing to other delivery forms of supplements like soft gel capsules and tablets, powder is always easier and more effective for the body to absorb the nutritional support.

If you are facing the difficulty of swallowing capsules of tablets, this PPARs Extract Powder is your ultimate best choice. Also, if you are having digestive system issues or diseases, you should consider the PPARs Extract Powder. Why so? Comparing to capsules or tablets, powder is always much easier for the stomach and the digestive system to process the nutrients. You are not going to put too much “work load” for the stomach and the digestive system if you are taking powdered supplements. Never torture your stomach and digestive system if you know they are “sensitive with extra works and burdens”.

The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Powder is the most popular product of the Simply Nature PPARs Series. It is recommended for cancer patients or patients will serious illness.

How to Take Simply Nature PPARs Extract Powder?

Alright! Now, you must be wondering, what is the correct way of taking Simply Nature PPARs Extract Powder. Is it the same way as how we normally take powdered supplement, by mixing the powder together with other liquids like water, milk or coconut water? And, how much should we take daily? Is there any certain limit of amount that we should not exceed? Or the more the merrier? Is there any special highlight that we shall take note when taking PPARs Powder?

Caution: Do not use a metal spoon to scoop the Simply Nature PPARs Powder!

First of all, you MUST not use a metal spoon or any metallic materials to scoop the Simply Nature PPARs Powder. You are advised to use only plastic or wooden spoon or scoop to ladle out the PPARs Powder.

Why is that you MUST avoid using metallic materials to scoop the PPARs Powder? There are living active enzymes in the Simply Nature PPARs Powder which is crucial in supporting and speeding up the rate of absorption of PPARs Powder by the body. Therefore, if you are using metallic materialed scoops, there would be a high chance that the living enzymes or the cell membranes in the PPARs powder to be killed or damaged by the electrical charge released from the metallic scoops or spoons.

Daily Portion and Correct Way to Take the Simply Nature PPARs Powder

In fact, a tiny plastic scoop is provided together with the PPARs powder in the packaging. Hence, the proper portion that you shall consume is a scoop of PPARs Powder.

Simply Nature PPARs Powder is designed to be sublingual. Normally, when we take any supplements orally in table or capsule forms, the digestive system will have to work hard to digest the tables or capsules. Oftentimes, the stomach breaks the nutrients down before they can make it to the liver for filtration and hence enter the bloodstream, delivering the nutrients to our body. Well, what does that mean? It means that, the absorption of the nutrients will be a long process to enter the bloodstream and what’s sadder is, some of the nutrients will be damaged or broken but the digestive system. Yea, some nutrients will be “gone” during the digestion.

Therefore! With the objective that the nutrients and essences in the PPARs Powder are fully absorbed by the body, Simply Nature has meant to design the PPARs Powder to be sublingual.

What is sublingual? A Sublingual supplement works optimally as in the nutrients are absorbed under the tongue and enters the bloodstream directly without having to go through the gastrointestinal tract, meaning that the nutrients will be absorbed quickly at its maximum level. Does that sound familiar to you? Yes, this is the same theory as the glyceryl trinitrate which people take it under the tongue to relief angina pectoris because it can be absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly.

Despite, since the nutrients are absorbed through the tongue which quickly entered and released into the body without any loss, the sublingual nutrients could be taken in a smaller dosage. And, that is the reason why one tiny scoop of PPARs Powder is good enough for you!

I believe after knowing that Simply Nature PPARs Powder is a sublingual supplement, you know it means that you shall be putting the Simply Nature PPARs Powder under your tongue.

Little Tips: Ensure that the container is securely covered and keep it in the refrigerator once it’s opened. Always keep the desiccant with the powder to absorb the moisture and maintain the quality of the PPARs Powder. And make sure, when you get your products, the expiration date must be at least one year away from the expiry date.

Extra Tips: Since sublingual supplements enter directly to the bloodstream, it would be particularly crucial for these supplements to be free from any hazardous additives. Well, this means that sublingual supplements or vitamins are usually at their purest form without any additives.

If you are still at here with me, I bet you must be wondering, “Now, where can you get this product if you are interested with it”. The Simply Nature PPARs product series are only sold through medical doctors, on the official Simply Nature Shopee and Lazada websites or the Simply Nature official website If you have questions, feel free to message us on our Facebook Page for faster response!

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