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3 Ways to increase and activate PPARs in your Body

Updated: May 4, 2020

The Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors (PPARs) is an emerging “star” in the biomedical industry which has been known as the one most promising biomedical molecule. You might have heard of PPARs through your friends or read about it on the internet.

In this post, we will be discussing a bit on what is PPARs and what are the benefits of PPARs which made it the “rising-star” in the health industry, following by the ways on how you can increase and activate PPARs in your body.

Snapshot of 3 Ways to increase and activate PPARs in your Body:

1. What is PPARs?

2. 5 Benefits of PPARs

3. 3 Ways to Increase & Activate PPARs in your Body

4. Where and how to buy PPARs supplements?

What is PPARs?

In the molecular biology field, the PPARs are a group of nuclear receptor proteins which work as the transcription factors to regulate the expression of genes. The PPARs act on DNA response elements with the nuclear retinoic acid receptor. PPARs are involved in various independent and DNA-dependent molecular and enzymatic pathways in adipose tissue, liver, and skeletal muscles.

PPARs mainly exist in three subtypes or isoforms: the PPAR alpha, the PPAR gamma, and the PPAR delta/beta.

The PPAR alpha is widely expressed in tissues with high fatty acid catabolic activity: brown fat, heart, liver, and intestine. Activation of the PPAR alpha in the liver is beneficial in oxidation of fatty acid which will regulate energy for the peripheral tissues. The PPAR alpha is helpful in immune modulation and lowering triglyceride level. Despite, PPAR alpha also plays a crucial role in metabolism of lipid which is beneficial for the metabolic syndrome.

The PPAR beta/delta presents in many tissues but markedly in brain, lungs, skeletal muscle and skin. It promotes the metabolism of Fatty Acid, ketone body synthesis and glucose sparing which then converted into energy to fuel the muscle contraction. Besides, PPAR beta/ delta is effective in inhibiting inflammatory mediators.

PPAR gamma is ubiquitous. It presents in almost all tissues including heart, muscle, colon, kidney, pancreas and spleen. PPAR gamma promotes the triglyceride storage which is highly favourable for the regulation of lipid and glucose metabolism.

Benefits of PPARs

According to studies, PPARs is highly beneficial for the body in different perspectives.

1. Anti-Cancer Effect

When used correctly, PPARs will be very favourable to cancer therapy.

PPARs stimulation appears to inhibit proliferation of human colon cancer cell lines and to reduce poly formation. PPARs increases the antineoplastic effects of malignant cells. In other words, PPARs inhibits growing of proliferation and cancer cells (the bad proliferation).

2. Metabolism Disease

PPARs is effective in supporting patients with metabolism syndrome like diabetic, kidney failure and obesity. Activation of PPARs increases metabolism and body function which is crucial to treat diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension. PPARs is beneficial in lowering blood triglyceride, hence lowering the density of Lipoprotein Cholesterol. It also enhances blood sugar regulation for Diabetics.

3. Anti-aging

Free radicals are causal agents in the process of aging. PPARs support the healing process of damaged body tissues and are beneficial in rejuvenation of cells. Besides, the antiapoptotic characteristic of PPARs has made it an effective “agent” in anti-aging.

4. Weight Loss

PPARs genes are the master regulator of the process which converts the stored fats or our extra calories into energy consumption. Active PPARs are beneficial in encouraging the body’s energy expenditure, fat utilization and excretion. Hence, it plays a crucial role in helping the weight loss process.

5. Immunity

Activation of PPARs will enhances immunity cell proliferator capability which in other words, PPARs will boost our immunity.

3 ways to Increase & Activate PPARs in your Body

There are several simple and effective ways to increase and activate PPARs in our body. Interplay of the three subtypes of PPARs are modulated by environmental factors such as food, exercise and medication:

1. Healthy Lifestyle/ Diet:

i. Exercise

Exercise is associated with energy expenditure and PPARs works by increasing and stimulating the energy consumption. PPAR delta/ beta is related to energy production, especially in the skeletal muscle. Hence, by doing more exercises, the skeletal muscle will naturally produce more PPAR delta/ beta to produce more energy for consumption.

The endurance exercise (aerobic) like jogging, running, dancing, swimming and biking are especially beneficial to increase PPAR delta in skeletal muscle. More information can be found here.

ii. Ketosis

Ketosis is a trending nutritional diet plan. Ketosis is basically a deliberate switch from carbohydrates to proteins and fats. Majority of calories of an “authentic” keto diet are derived from fats (70%) and proteins (20%). It is a low-carbs diet hence the carbohydrates intake is relatively low (<10%). Ketosis is a natural metabolic state. Similar to fasting, ketosis has anti-inflammatory effects.

Ketosis involves the body producing ketone bodies out of fat and using them for energy instead of carbs. Ketogenic transcriptional program is a crucial enzymatic machinery of ketosis and PPARs is an important regulator of cellular responses to nutrient supply changes. It is the chief transcription factor, responsible to transcription of proper set of genes, encoding proteins and enzymes. In short, ketosis will activate the PPARs to mediate the changes in cellular lipid, amino acid, carbohydrate and inflammatory pathways.

However, keto diet plan is certainly not for everyone. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not recommended to try keto diet since it cuts out many necessary nutrients. If you are having digestive disorders and osteoporosis (bones issues) simply do not try keto diet without your doctor’s advices.

Last, if you are having diabetes and are taking insulin to manage your diabetes, a severe cut in your carbs to super low level might lead to severely low blood sugar levels. This would be fatal. So, get your doctor’s advice too before trying ketosis.

2. Nutrition

i. EPA + DHA (Fish Oil)

EPA and DHA are unsaturated fatty acids which are readily undergo oxidation. According to studies, unsaturated fat acid is highly beneficial in regulating PPAR activation, especially for PPAR alpha.

PPAR alpha is present at high levels in liver which will stimulate the expression lipid transport and oxidation. Subsequently, consumption of Fish Oil will elevate expression of oxidative enzymes and hence regulating PPAR activation.

ii. Plant Oils

Plant oils, especially thyme oil is an effective activator PPAR alpha and gamma.

One of the major components of thyme oil is Carvacrol. Carvacrol is a common compound in many aromatic plants (spices in culinary) like oregano, thyme and cumin. Activation of PPAR alpha and PPAR gamma by thyme oil is associated with Carvacrol.

iii. Goji Berry

Goji Berry, also known as Lycium barbarum is a highly beneficial fruit where its benefits range from anti-oxidation, anti-aging to glucose regulation and immunity support.

Benefits of Goji Berry includes:

a. Goji Berry is rich of Vitamin A and C which is effective in boosting immune system and flu protection.

b. Antioxidants of eyes and skin which protect them from the damage of UV Lights, free radicals and oxidative stress.

c. Antioxidants in Goji Berry also slow tumour growth, reduce inflammation, and help to remove harmful substances from the body.

d. Goji berries balance insulin and glucose levels in the blood. Also, it increases the HDL levels (the good cholesterol) in people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Taurine is abundant in the fruit of Goji Berries. According to studies, taurine components in the goji berries will enhance the expression of PPAR, especially the PPAR gamma.

iv. Iodine

Iodine can be an antioxidant as well as an antiproliferative and differentiation agent that helps to maintain the integrity of several organs with the ability to take up iodine. Antineoplastic effect of iodine is a catalyst that activate PPAR gamma.

v. Vitamins

To increase PPAR activation in vivo, you will need to also activate retinoic acid receptors (RXR). Vitamin A is an effective catalyst in stimulating activation of RXR.

According to studies, Vitamin D elevates PPAR gamma gene expression too.

3. Taking PPARs Supplement

If you think you would like to have a faster or more convenient way to increase and activate PPARs in your body, you might want to consider taking PPARs Supplements which are effective in boosting PPARs. It works like the way you take Vitamins or supplements to boost certain nutrients that you are lacked off or to boost certain body tissues.

Where & How can You buy PPAR Supplements?

If you are in Singapore or The Philippines, you can easily reach out to Simply Nature’s PPARs. Do check out the reviews and testimonials from customers on the website to be assured of the quality.

There are 4 consumable forms for the Simply Nature PPARs which you could acquire: the tablet form, the extract powder, the liquid vials as well as a soft gel capsule.

1. The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Liquid

This is the most expensive Simply Nature PPARs products comparing to other consumable forms but the most effective one as well. This is because each vial of liquid holds the amount of potency as high as 1,000 tablets. This is meant for those with critical needs and anti-ageing purposes.

2. The Simply Nature PPARs Plus Tablets

Comparing to other consumable forms, capsules and tablets are always the most convenient forms of supplements. The Simply Nature PPARs Plus Tablet contains almost 100 times more than normal vegetables of chlorophyll. Hence, it is beneficial for the blood purification and anti-toxic process of the body. It is beneficial for constipation issues.

3. The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Soft Gel Capsule

Comparing to tablets, soft gel capsules are more easily to swallow. From the perspective of taste, soft gel capsules have no taste or unpleasant odour.

4. The Simply Nature PPARs Extract Powder

Comparing to the other delivery forms of supplements like soft gel capsules and tablets, the powder is always easier and more effective for the body to absorb nutritional support.

If you are facing the difficulty of swallowing capsules or tablets, this PPARs Extract Powder is your ultimate best choice.

As PPARs is a supplement, you may get the products from Simply Nature’s official Lazada, Shopee account or the Simply Nature official website @

Conclusion on increasing PPARs in your body

In summary, PPARs are beneficial and crucial for the body in fighting diseases and providing fuels and energy to the cells. With scientific studies and testimonials which show the effectiveness of PPARs in combating metabolic syndromes, immunology ailments and cancers, PPARs is becoming a popular supplement.

If you are looking for a faster or even an easier way to increase and activate PPARs in your body, taking PPAR Supplement will be a good choice for you. However, it is important to choose the recognized and trusted PPAR supplements provider. Do not simply purchase any PPAR supplements if the information provided are not clear and recognized as there might be a high risk that these supplements might not pass the regulated manufacturing standards and clinical testing. Choose wisely and verify more with the reviews and testimonials on the available avenues such as Lazada, Shopee and also Google. Talk to us should you have concerns or questions.

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